Dienstag, 6. Mai 2014

Did you love me too?

Did you love me too?
Copyright T.H. Culhane

E  (arp E B E Fsharp slide to Gsharp B) ; Am (arp E B C)  2x

Mmm hmm...

E                                  Am
If you would call me today
 E                                  Am
I dream the things we would say
F#7                                     F#m7b5
We'd talk about angels and following rainbows
Emaj7                          F#7  
Fairy tale fables where we play the heroes and
oh...                         F#m7b5                                  E                   
If you could call me today, darling the things I would say...
Am                               E                         Am
Mmmm hmmm....

E                              Am
If I could hold you today
E                                         Am
I'd chase those rain clouds away
 F#7                                     F#m7b5
I'd take you to places where smiles grew like daisies
 Emaj7                          F#7  
Travel to deserts and make them oases and
oh...                       F#m7b5                                    E (riff)
If I could hold you today, darling the things I would say...

G#m7            Gm7            F#m7   B9
I know what I'd like to do...ooh!
E                                             G#m7 Gm7 F#m7 
And your eyes, they told me you felt it too...
B9                                                           E
But somehow we stepped back from the truth.
G#m7                Gm7       F#m7      B9
I looked in your eyes and I knew... ooh...
                 Cmaj7                     Fmaj7
When you cried, I saw what I
felt inside...
B9                                       Emaj7
but never had the courage to say...
 G#m7               Gm7           
Your eyes said it for me though...
F#m7       B9
                            E            Am      
that you loved me too...
E                 Am
E                                Am
If we could just find a way...
E                     Am
to be together again...
playing like otters do
dancing ballets with you
Climbing tall mountains
and singing new songs with you,
Things of the ways we could play
If I could find you today!
G#m7           Gm7             F#m7 B9
That's what I want most to do
              Emaj7                          G#m7  Gm7    F#m7
And your eyes, they told me you felt it too!
     B9                                                         Emaj7
But somehow we stepped back from the truth.
  G#m7            Gm7           F#m7      B9
I looked in your eyes and I knew... ooh...
                 C                           Fmaj7
When you cried, I saw what I
felt inside...
       B9                                Emaj7
but never had the courage to say...
           G#m7       Gm7         
Your eyes said it for me though...
 F#m7      B9
                             E                  Am  E     
that you loved me too...Oooh oooh ooh
         G#m7         Gm7           F#m7     B9
Your eyes said it for me that you... ooh!
That you loved me too.
  G#m7               Gm7              F#m7           B9
I KNOW that it's true darling you...ooh...
Did you love me... too?
Did you love me?
Did you love me...

Sonntag, 16. März 2014

Consider it Done

People feared the world was gonna end
Y2K or 2012
Climate change, disasters round the bend
All our resources going to hell

Complex engineering ruled the day
Super sized in every way
Still the word got out that many things
could be done in a simple way...

Consider it done, today
with no need to hesitate
We have the technology
Consider it done

Consider yourself allied
Consider it DIY
When making things work's your pride
You have all you need inside
Consider it Done

Politics are always in our way.
Economics still holds sway
Yet as long as we're still making things
We've enough to get through each day

Garbage in need not make garbage out
Trash is merely in our minds
Food waste's really sunshine's energy
Rain or Shine to be had for free

So the lesson for you and me
Is the problems that we perceive
All the problems we face today
Can be solved in a simple,
Solved in a simple
Solved in a simple way!

Consider the Birds, He said,
Consider the flowers, instead
There's no need to fear, He said
once we have evolved

Consider this solved, today
With no need to hesitate
There's no need to fight or hate
We have the technology

Consider it Done,
A win-win we've won...
Consider it Done!


Dissapointed and
Disillusioned I'm
Dissassembling my world

Disenchanted I've
lost my hyperdrive
Lost my reason  to thrive

She kept the children
and locked her heart away
mocking our marriage and vows

So I'm dissapointed and
and wondering what I should do now?

No philosophy
books or therapy
seemed to answer our prayers
She's not spiritual
only fear-ful
and unwilling to change

No rhyme nor reason now
seems to speak to her
There's no-one who'll intervene

There's just total madness
and hardened sadness
that traps our kids in-between

Lost and lonely now
I'll get by somehow
Like in earlier days

But there are other worlds
Lit by sanity
God please show us the way

A better future
that's free of anger
is waiting for us to engage

If we'd find enchantment
throw illusions
make appointments
to work things out
and  say

No more
will rule us again.

Freitag, 14. Februar 2014

"I'm yours if you'll take me" - A prayer song to God

"I'm yours if you'll take me"

A Bossa Nova by T.H. Culhane 
copyright 2014 T.H. Culhane  Culbrain records

(Rough demo mix )

A letter I wrote to Jesus
as a song
in High School, 33 years ago.


D                                        Ebm7b5
You've the right to condescend
Nobody can touch you
You're a million miles above
There's no pretend
You're just too good.
But I'm yours if you'll take me
E6                                 D       Ebm7b5  Amaj7
Make me or break me down. Down. Down.

D                                        Ebm7b5
You've the right to criticize
E                 C#               F#m
We'd be fools in your eyes
And you're oh so right
But I'm willing to take it
E6                                 D       Ebm7b5  Amaj7
'cause I'm going to make you mine. Mine. Mine.

G#m7b5                 C#7b9
Worlds appear in my sleep (whispered: "Heaven!")
G#m7b5                      C#7b9
Dreams of somewhere else (whispered: "Heaven on Earth")
F#m7b5                               B7b9
These still waters run deep (whispered: "Heavens!")
F#m7b5                               B7b9
Perhaps you think that I'm somebody else?

E   Emaj7   Bbm7b5   Amaj7  Bbm7b5   / F#m7    B7b9 G#m7b5  C#7b9  /  F#m7  B7b9 /  Amaj7 Bbm7b5  Emaj7 /  Bbm7b5

Amaj7                                                   Bbm7b5                               E                                             E6
Look back into childhood where the only good was relative to thoughts that were simplistically naive
Amaj7                                      Bbm7b5                               E                                                    E6
Futuristic nightmares hover over the horizon, just the thought's enough to make one disbelieve
Amaj7  Bbm7b5 E6      Amaj7  Bbm7b5 E6      
My faith's in... you.  Ah... ah... ah.

Amaj7                              Bbm7b5
People say I've lost my mind
Many say to worship you
and follow in your footstep's
and they may be right...
But  Lord that's how you made me...
And I can't live the fake way
So I'm yours if you'll take me
Take me away please
B7b9                                 E                      Eaug  E E7 Eaug E Eaug
Don't make me wait too long...

  Fmaj7   Am  Fmaj7    Am    E