Freitag, 4. Dezember 2015

Find the Hero.. in You

Every hero has empty days when he feels alone
every heroine has a time when she's on her own
I hear voices that say you'll leave me and go somewhere
So I'll tell you what I have learned so that you will be aware...

any swordsman who'll slay a dragon will let you down
Any hero who plays the braggarts not worth the crown
Make your hero an honest person whose judgement's sound
No prince valiant who's truly valiant is ever glory bound...

Any fool who pretends he's wise hurts and never helps
Any wiseman who plays the fool only fools himself
Choose your heroes from those who are what they claim to be.
Choose your heroes from honest people who let their soul's be seen

Find the hero
Find the hero

Who doesn't know that a half of the pleasure we take in this world,
lies not just in what we do, but in anticipation
How many people would rather be living the life of a hero
But how many get there and how many even begin?

I read a quote said what any fool knows is a vice can be altered
Changed by an artist to look like a virtue
but is it true?
I'd like to think that if your will is pure you can tap into wisdom
You have to know
Which way to go
You have to grow
But how?

Every hero has empty days when he feels alone
Every heroine has a time when she's on her own
You don't feel that you have the strength to pull sword from stone
Nonetheless you can pass this test with the skills you've always shown

Find the hero
Find the hero
Find the hero
Find the hero...


Sonntag, 28. Juni 2015

Awareness Campaigns

 (Written in Oman and delivered at the Cengage National Geographic Education Conference in Muscat, 2014, T.H. Culhane).

What if "awareness" campaigns could achieve all their aims
through hands on creation through building foundations
using infrastructure as the basis for human relations?

What if, to sensitize, the most effective key now lies
not just in speeches from experts
no matter how wise...
But in heart felt experience
of what it's like ON THE OTHER SIDE
the uncomfortable realities from which we all try to hide...?

How do... we combine both education and practice?
How do... we move our nations toward justice?

There is no path to peace, for peace IS the path
through our birthright to knowledge, applied science and math
no rule of the "elite"
just you and you and me...

Never Ever Met a Clown (Like You) {Before}

copyright 1982 T.H. Culhane (Cairo, September 1982)

Intro B-C B-C, B-C, A - G, B-C, B-C . AAA CB G. Otrp
C, F, 2x, CF G 2x C Bb G, Intro 4 Heys then C, F AAA CBG, C, F AAA CBG, CFG CFG C Bb G

Last night my pants were falling down
lst night my shirt was turned around
last night my tie was crooked
Shoes unlaced and funny looking
Last night my hat was upside down
People said he must be unwound
last night my shoes had holes,
my Dr. Shoals were far too old and...

Last night my vest was inside out
People were sure beyond a doubt
They thought that I was drunk
And yet their theory's quite unsound and...

I guess they never met a clown
Never met a clown!


Last night I was a connoisseur
Last night I was a loup garou!
Last night I went beserk and people laughed
"He's from the zoo"

Last night I sword fought with a skewer
Swung from the chandeliers and dueled
Thought I was Errol Flynn and all my guests could do was grin and...

I guess they never met a clown.
Never met a clown!

Hey! (4x) C Bb

Last night I said some things profound
Spread my philosophy around
I said the world was flat like stale club soda! (Break).

People just stared and said "You must be loaded"...

I guess they've never met a clown.
Never met a clown!
(Circus theme: Dut dut duddleuddleutdut dah! Dut dut duddleuddleut dut dah! ).

Dienstag, 10. Februar 2015

My Eutopia

My Eutopia
By T.H. Culhane 2014

Tempo 168

( 5/4 tempo in verses, a la Dave Bruebeck's "Take 5") 
Cm, Cm Gm, Fm, Cm
Turn the farms to forests and fields
Throw the grains out from our meals
Turn to trees to grow our yields
Start with food to make love real

Turn our food wastes back to food
Turn our garbage into fuel
When we kill do not be cruel
Love your neighbor, be no fool


(Chorus in Beguine style, Gm, Fm, Cm, Bb7)

And I dream of a better world
Not a different world
Not a different land or people

Dream of a better time
free of war and crime
Free of all disease and suffering

Dream, we can make them real
We can help and heal
That's the world in my eutopia

Use the sun to make things boil
Shun the atom, shun the oil
Use wind and water, biofuels
Geothermal – nature's tools

Make our cities work for man
Eco-cities better planned
Microbiome managed land
Man and nature hand in hand...

Once we finally understand

So I dream
Knowing its in reach
If only we would teach
All our children each to dream up

Dreams, we can make them real
We can help and heal
That's the world in my eutopia...