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Never Ever Met a Clown (Like You) {Before}

copyright 1982 T.H. Culhane (Cairo, September 1982)

Intro B-C B-C, B-C, A - G, B-C, B-C . AAA CB G. Otrp
C, F, 2x, CF G 2x C Bb G, Intro 4 Heys then C, F AAA CBG, C, F AAA CBG, CFG CFG C Bb G

Last night my pants were falling down
lst night my shirt was turned around
last night my tie was crooked
Shoes unlaced and funny looking
Last night my hat was upside down
People said he must be unwound
last night my shoes had holes,
my Dr. Shoals were far too old and...

Last night my vest was inside out
People were sure beyond a doubt
They thought that I was drunk
And yet their theory's quite unsound and...

I guess they never met a clown
Never met a clown!


Last night I was a connoisseur
Last night I was a loup garou!
Last night I went beserk and people laughed
"He's from the zoo"

Last night I sword fought with a skewer
Swung from the chandeliers and dueled
Thought I was Errol Flynn and all my guests could do was grin and...

I guess they never met a clown.
Never met a clown!

Hey! (4x) C Bb

Last night I said some things profound
Spread my philosophy around
I said the world was flat like stale club soda! (Break).

People just stared and said "You must be loaded"...

I guess they've never met a clown.
Never met a clown!
(Circus theme: Dut dut duddleuddleutdut dah! Dut dut duddleuddleut dut dah! ).

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