Samstag, 28. Juli 2007

Earthwatch Bug Holiday

One of the greatest delights I had as an inner city high school science teacher was being able to bring the outside world into the ghetto through video production. On this occasion, in 1993, I was fortunate to receive a Helen Bing Award for teaching that paid for me to go on an Earthwatch Expedition to study arthropods (spiders and insects) with Dr. Roger Kitching in Australia in the Lamington Park rainforest (near Brisbane). Kitching was using the technique of canopy misting shown in the film "Arachnophobia". Helen Bing, a patron of the arts, also graciously paid to bring me, educational reformer Dr. Sherry Kerr (who had also been on the Earthwatch expedition) and my students and fellow teachers into 7th Avenue Recording Studio (Rick Ballentine, engineer) down in the 'hood so we could record the song for the melodic-mnemonic video. She even came in to sing on the chorus with us all! Then the students took all the footage we shot in Australia and cut together the video, including a pre-song rap in which they talk about their desire to leave the inner city and see the rain forests. Magical! (more)

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