Sonntag, 29. Juli 2007

The Safety Test: Musical Intro

Every student in the vocational education training program at Jefferson High School in South Central L.A. in the mid-1990s had to suffer through a paper/pencil "safety test" before being allowed to start the training program. Ostensibly this was to prove they had internalized the textbook instruction about safety that would prevent accidents and save their lives. The reality was that the text book materials and the test were so poorly written and illustrated and so hard for the kids to relate to or understand that most failed the exam over and over and never got a chance to get even a laborer's education. And you wonder why there are so many jobless unskilled workers in America!
Instead of teaching our students to simply learn to repeat "Would you like fries with that?" Multi-media science instructor T.H. Culhane and woodshop instructor Harold Campbell (a thirty year veteran teacher and winner of the Harold Bunche award) decided to use the power of video to make the safety test more comprehensible. This playful, if bloody and graphic video, was the result! (more)

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