Sonntag, 29. Juli 2007

The Peristalsis Revue

In 1993, Harvard buddy Adam Button joined T.H. Culhane (author of this song) and rapper Robert Jones along with some students from Jefferson High School and Crenshaw High School in south Central L.A. when they went into the Beverly Hills Community Access TV studio to record this fun look at a chapter in the biology textbook on the Digestive System.

It was another of Melodic-Mnemonics' attempts to bring a boring school textbook to life using blue screen technology.

Adam Button was co-singer in "The Quintessentials", an L.A. based accapella singing group made up of Harvard grads T.H. Culhane and Paul Sagawa of the Harvard Krokodiloes, Paul Leher of the Harvard Glee Club and Adam Button of the Harvard Water Polo team (!) along with Princeton grads Jason Matthews and John Blazer of the Princeton Nassoons. Jason went on to record T.H. Culhane's song "The Peristalsis Revue" with his accapella group at Columbia medical school.

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