Freitag, 27. Juli 2007

Melodic-Mnemonics: Science Education through Music and Video

"Melodic-Mnemonics" is a method I created in the inner-city schools in South Central Los Angeles in 1989 when working as a science teacher at Crenshaw High School, the school featured in the Ice Cube movie "Boyz in the Hood". I took the method in 1991 to Jefferson High School near Central Ave and 41st street (the neighborhood featured in the film "Devil in a Blue Dress") and built a program there called "D.E.M.M.O. Productions - Digital Engineering for Multimedia Occupations". Later, in 1995, while attending the Musician's Institute of Technology, I tranferred the program to Hollywood High School's program for at risk youth.

The three television specials reproduced here - KCOP's "Sprocket Science" produced by former CIA agent Frank Snepp, CBS's "How'd They Do That", and NBC's "Save Our Streets", illustrate the evolution of the program and the media attention that we got.

1990: Sprocket Science (KCOP Television, Frank Snepp, Producer)

1992: How'd They Do That (CBS Television)

1994: Save Our Streets (NBC Television, Ashley Rogers, Producer)

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