Dienstag, 1. September 2009

The Sound and Light Show

The Sound and Light Show
Copyright 2004 T.H. Culhane

Spoken: “When you’re sitting by the ocean
Putting on your suntan lotion
To protect you from the Ultra-Violet Rays
And you hear the surf that’s crashing
Waves of energy and passion
And you feel the wind a-howlin’ night and day”
When you’re riding ‘cross a sand dune
By the light reflected off the moon
And see the rippled shadows in the sand
When you throw a pebble in a pond
And watch the way that it responds
These images will help you understand
So you’ll remember that…”

Sound and Light are WAVES

Sound and Light are WAVES


Sound and light are waves

Sound and Light are WAVES

Organisms use them both to find out where they are in time and space
And BOUNCE off every object;
Their REFLECTIONS help us all to NAVIGATE
So just remember folks, that sound and light are waves….

Spoken: “On the surface of the ocean
you can see some waves in motion
It’s their height that science calls their “AMPLITUDE”

And the lengths of time and space
Between the crest of every wave
are the “FREQUENCY” and “WAVELENGTH”… which we use

To understand the nature
Of what goes on in nature
The subtle architecture
No longer just conjecture
In fact we know the structure
Though we can’t see it directly
We know that sound and light are waves

Spoken: “Deep inside a bat cave
A bat can’t bet on light waves
She’s got to learn to SEE WITH SOUND
For these creatures of the night
There’s no way to see with light
Sound reflection is the way they get around…

It’s called SONAR
Or “Echo-location”
Whales and dolphins do it too…
Underwater, so would you…

Sound and light are waves

Sound and Light are WAVES

And a wave is a DISTURBANCE
That travels through a MEDIUM
And a medium’s a substance
Like a solid or a liquid or a gas…

All waves behave…
As carriers of energy
From oscillating objects
Do reflection and diffraction…
Both have frequencies and amplitudes…
But here’s what’s really gnarly dude:
Only light can travel through the void…

Through outer space…

Where no-one can hear you scream…(scream, scream)…

Because sound, you see, is mechanical
But light is an electromagnet wave…

But all YOU must remember is that…

Sound and Light are waves…
Sound and light are waves…
Let there be SOUND!:
Guitar solo.

Frequency makes our eyes see in color
Frequency is harmony and music, yeah…
Amplitude is volume dude, and brightness…
Amplitude is thunder, dark and lightness….

Sound and light are waves
Energy in waves
That’s how sound behaves
That’s how light behaves
Sound and light are waves
Sound though is mechanical
While light is in electromagnet rays

Sounds a pressure wave
Light’s both particle AND wave
Sound travels through objects
Light can go through space
But both of them are waves
Sound and light are waves
Let there be LIGHT!

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