Dienstag, 5. Januar 2010

Ode to the Hadron Collider

G Dm Bb C

(G) Once our species believed
That the (Dm) atom was the smallest thing
our (Bb)  Earth -- Center of Everything
(C) Euclidean Geometery was (G) king. (bass: G, G#, D, G, G#)

(G) Then our physics conceived
Of a (Dm) special relativity
A (Bb)  general relativity
and the (C)  hope for theories of Grand (G) Unity

But there's been a crisis in the field
And world's been turning upside down
by a paradox we can't understand
Quantum mechanics and relativity can't be held within one hand.

In the collider (G)
We'll (Cmaj7)  find out (Fmaj7b5)
The  (G) right and the (F) wrong (C)  about
Our (G) deepest (Cm) beliefs of (F) space and (Em) time.