Mittwoch, 9. September 2009


Lyrics by Byron DeLear and Seth Kaufman from the concept recording "Eutopia":

"The gifts are for givers, the makers not the takers
cause the givers are the livers and lovers of life they're the mothers
to the Human Race Viva La Raza!
Rastafaria -- Bonzai! I be smellin' trouble in the USA
'cause the givers are the livers and the lovers of life
and all the other's druthers are bringing down the Motherland -
"Apple pie and baseball" -- is that all?
Well if it is, then, I think, we're going down y'all
past the morgue -- straight to hell,
it sure ain't heaven in the bottom of a wishing well.
But a "brand new" dot dot dot (...) would sure be nice
but what's the price -- a bowl of rice, huh, would never suffice for us
but for more than half the world it must -- is that just?

Time to come together and start to live as one
We've been through stormy weather
And now we need the sun
to shine on through
To get to a...

"A brand new dot dot dot" -- the age of manufacturing consumers like products rolling off an assembly line is upon us.

Do you want to be manufactured?

Your desire and want for trivial consumables ramped up by the advertising
light and sound show we almost constantly bathe in?

Well, that's what most of us are suffering under today.

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