Sonntag, 28. Juni 2015

Awareness Campaigns

 (Written in Oman and delivered at the Cengage National Geographic Education Conference in Muscat, 2014, T.H. Culhane).

What if "awareness" campaigns could achieve all their aims
through hands on creation through building foundations
using infrastructure as the basis for human relations?

What if, to sensitize, the most effective key now lies
not just in speeches from experts
no matter how wise...
But in heart felt experience
of what it's like ON THE OTHER SIDE
the uncomfortable realities from which we all try to hide...?

How do... we combine both education and practice?
How do... we move our nations toward justice?

There is no path to peace, for peace IS the path
through our birthright to knowledge, applied science and math
no rule of the "elite"
just you and you and me...

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