Freitag, 14. Februar 2014

"I'm yours if you'll take me" - A prayer song to God

"I'm yours if you'll take me"

A Bossa Nova by T.H. Culhane 
copyright 2014 T.H. Culhane  Culbrain records

(Rough demo mix )

A letter I wrote to Jesus
as a song
in High School, 33 years ago.


D                                        Ebm7b5
You've the right to condescend
Nobody can touch you
You're a million miles above
There's no pretend
You're just too good.
But I'm yours if you'll take me
E6                                 D       Ebm7b5  Amaj7
Make me or break me down. Down. Down.

D                                        Ebm7b5
You've the right to criticize
E                 C#               F#m
We'd be fools in your eyes
And you're oh so right
But I'm willing to take it
E6                                 D       Ebm7b5  Amaj7
'cause I'm going to make you mine. Mine. Mine.

G#m7b5                 C#7b9
Worlds appear in my sleep (whispered: "Heaven!")
G#m7b5                      C#7b9
Dreams of somewhere else (whispered: "Heaven on Earth")
F#m7b5                               B7b9
These still waters run deep (whispered: "Heavens!")
F#m7b5                               B7b9
Perhaps you think that I'm somebody else?

E   Emaj7   Bbm7b5   Amaj7  Bbm7b5   / F#m7    B7b9 G#m7b5  C#7b9  /  F#m7  B7b9 /  Amaj7 Bbm7b5  Emaj7 /  Bbm7b5

Amaj7                                                   Bbm7b5                               E                                             E6
Look back into childhood where the only good was relative to thoughts that were simplistically naive
Amaj7                                      Bbm7b5                               E                                                    E6
Futuristic nightmares hover over the horizon, just the thought's enough to make one disbelieve
Amaj7  Bbm7b5 E6      Amaj7  Bbm7b5 E6      
My faith's in... you.  Ah... ah... ah.

Amaj7                              Bbm7b5
People say I've lost my mind
Many say to worship you
and follow in your footstep's
and they may be right...
But  Lord that's how you made me...
And I can't live the fake way
So I'm yours if you'll take me
Take me away please
B7b9                                 E                      Eaug  E E7 Eaug E Eaug
Don't make me wait too long...

  Fmaj7   Am  Fmaj7    Am    E

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