Sonntag, 16. März 2014

Consider it Done

People feared the world was gonna end
Y2K or 2012
Climate change, disasters round the bend
All our resources going to hell

Complex engineering ruled the day
Super sized in every way
Still the word got out that many things
could be done in a simple way...

Consider it done, today
with no need to hesitate
We have the technology
Consider it done

Consider yourself allied
Consider it DIY
When making things work's your pride
You have all you need inside
Consider it Done

Politics are always in our way.
Economics still holds sway
Yet as long as we're still making things
We've enough to get through each day

Garbage in need not make garbage out
Trash is merely in our minds
Food waste's really sunshine's energy
Rain or Shine to be had for free

So the lesson for you and me
Is the problems that we perceive
All the problems we face today
Can be solved in a simple,
Solved in a simple
Solved in a simple way!

Consider the Birds, He said,
Consider the flowers, instead
There's no need to fear, He said
once we have evolved

Consider this solved, today
With no need to hesitate
There's no need to fight or hate
We have the technology

Consider it Done,
A win-win we've won...
Consider it Done!

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