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Making Robots with my Arduino

Making Robots with My Arduino
A Music-Video about Robotics Education
set to a Country Western Rock-a-Billy Beat
by T.H. Culhane
copyright 2011 T.H. Culhane
Culbrain Records

Em7b5      A7b5                        Dm7b5      G7 (Slowly, arpeggiated, no beat)
How would you make, (a robot that can make) the world a be-tter place...

(Drums, bass kick in here for 2 bars)


With my Arduino, you know that I know that I can build one myself
With a couple of sensors and some motors and some servos and some
Bb                                              G7hardware you can buy off the shelf.

With my Arduino, the open source world is open to me
I can program in Python, I can program in Java
             Bb7                                G7
and of course I can program in C

With my arduino...
(It’s almost a cult thing...)

Putting Lego bricks together makes a Mindstorm of fun
F                                           Fm If you got a lotta money a designer kit’s the one
But if you’re trying to put together a nifty robot on your own
                          F                                       Fm
You wanna make it inexpensive and you want to make it run
using cheap microcontrollers that you can hack ;em all you want
             F                                                          Fm
using open-source programming software you’ll be the savant
in the avant-garde of the
G#7              G7
Ro-bot van-guard


With my Arduino, I’m building robots on and under the sea

Using Sea Perch as my base,with this circuit board in place,
            Bb                        G7
I bring autonomy to my ROV

With my Arduino, yeah I can learn to program robots for free
I can make a robot do things that are good for you and me
                        Bb7                         G7
while learning science math and technology

With my arduino... (It’s kind of a STEM thing...)

Bridge section:
Em7b5      A7b5    Dm7b5      G7
(Boy 1:) You can afford  (Chorus of Girls background vocal: “It’s open source”)
(Boy 1:) This circuit board
( Girl 1:)You won’t get bored (Chorus of Boys working on R2D2 and C3PO background vocal:: Just use the force!)
(Team of girls) We’’ll win awards.... G, G#, G7
(All students holding up their micro-controllers):  With our Arduinoooooooos!
Yeeeeha!  (The students do a line dance with a group of robots).

C7  F   G7  G#  G7

(Vocal follows classic Country chicken pickin’ lick:)
C7                                                                                                                                        F
First run a simulation, testing out your new creation, then model it with parts you can afford,
Then you enter a competition, take the software code you’ve written, download it to your Arduino

Make your robot relevant, like, you could save the elephant,
surveillance and security are two
of the tasks for which we program, saving people and environments is something we can make
our robots do.
“Build them with:  VEX Robotics, LEGO Mindstorms,  Lynxmotion Erector Sets  and Fischer
Teknic, Parallex Boe Bots
    G7                                                                                                               C7
Aldebran and Robosoft and Corobot and Pioneer and Traxter and Create from  IRobot
“There - are -  so -  many options out there, there are robots lurking everywhere, and all you have
to do is be a-ware...
Robots are embedded, from the workplace down to Toys are Us, you might find one inside  your
Teddy bear..”

(Bear says, “yeee-ha!” Getta along there little coder!”)

After country lick part go to walking bass:  C E F F# G  A Bb B C
Voice over:
“The Office of Naval Research and the AUVSI, (the “Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International”) are working with Hollywood technology company Motion Picture Marine and a host of University and Institutional partners to create an international STEM education program that is designed to make robotics engineering affordable, accessible, relevant and FUN for all students.  The program is called “PORPOISE: Precision Oceanographic Robotics Program On and In the Sea Environment” and it’s geared toward mentoring young people from all walks of life to develop robots and prepare for careers that can tackle the biggest challenges confronting their futures:  pollution, oil spills, overfishing, habitat loss, wildlife conservation, coral bleaching, piracy, homeland security, energy security, food security, storm prediction and climate change.  PORPOISE is engineering education with a purpose -- so get involved and join the mission today for a better future tomorrow through robotics that works for everyone!


So now that we know
that we can make a robot all on our own
We can run it using windows, using Linux or a Mac,
               Bb7                                             G7
or using bluetooth from our new Android phones
Because Arduino,
is agnostic to the platforms we run
Em7b5                                                A7#5
It can be built from scratch by you or me

 Dm7b5                                G7
programmed wireless or by USB
C7                                         Bb7             A7
We're talking black, white, Asian or Latino...

               D7                                    G7
Arduino makes  robotics so much  fun....
and within the reach...
of eve-ry-one...

With our Arduino...  
We can make a better world 
      G#        G                C7
for you....  and

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