Dienstag, 15. Dezember 2009

Power from Hell

Power from Hell
(A heavy metal riff... real heavy!)

c 2001 T.H. Culhane

The sky god gave us wind and rain
and the holy sun to light the day
He gave us everything we need
and sent his son to show the way

We turned our backs, we turned insane
And with the devil now we play
He tempts our everlusting greed
with oil and coal on which we feed

We've chosen power from hell
we've chosen power from hell

Of course there is another way
the winds of heaven, sunny days,
the force of water, gentle flows
combined  can make our nation grow

But if we want to get rich quick
with Satan we will always stick
continue mining Hades store
no matter that  it makes us sick

We've chosen power from Hell
And we will never get well
If we can buy cheap and sell
expensive power from hell

We've chosen power from hell
Oil, gold and diamonds as well
coal and uranium -- hell
Look what we're eatin!
Goodbye to Eden
Look what we've done since we fell...

We're using power from hell!

Hey there you consumer I have heard this vicious rumor
that you want to drill into the river styx
Hey there Mr. Politician what the hell is your religion
do you worship golden calves as well?
Forget about the prophets; as you quest for higher profits,
still you  never stop to gaze up at the sky
The answers up not down below but all you do it send the flow
of capital down deeper where it goes....

That's where it all goes to HELL.
Down to the bowels of hell
The gate to hell: the oil well
We're using power from hell

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