Sonntag, 10. August 2008

Math in the summertime...

This simple Melodic-Mnemonic is for the Korn family to sing on a summertime road trip to pass the time and help the boys enjoy learning the times tables. Enjoy!

(The original Mungo Jerry song with Karaoke lyrics is below:)

Math in the summertime...
lyrics by T.H. Culhane

Sung to the tune of "In the Summertime" by Mungo Jerry:

In my 4 x 4, driving down route SIXTEEN
was a 2 x 4 and an 8 track machine,
singing 5 x 4 is 20, 3 x 4's a dozen
eggs are on my mind!
"Timesing" 6 x 4, gives you twenty-four,  2 dozen eggs to fry!

When it's 8 x 4 then you have 32
But we still have more multiplying to do
9 x 4 is 36, yeah, and with 4 by 7 you get 28.
That leaves 10 x 4 --  equals  40 acres and a mule... but wait!

(there's more... mul-ti-plica-tion!)

4 x 12: that one makes 48
And 11 fours?   44 it creates
and then 13 groups of 4 is 52
but 1 times 4 is simply 4
When you  multiply by the number 1 it doesn't get you more.

Finally 4:15 -- that makes 60, not more
When I'm 64 then its 16 by 4
And 4 17's is 68 and 18 4's  creates 72
End with 20 4's you get 80;  I'll leave 19 4's for you...

(76 Trombones in the big parade!)

Here's a QND (Quick  'N Dirty) mp4 of the song to sing along with, with Karaoke style melodic-mnemonic lyrics:  See if you can edit your own visuals to it that help you learn the 4 times tables! The learning comes through repetition and interaction!

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